Leadership Development Programs

From lifetime development for senior leaders and middle management to leadership skills for new supervisors and individual contributors


Unite your team with a proven method for success—from employees to executives

Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. Leadership Program

Interactive Leadership and Management Skills Development for All Managers and Leaders

Leadership Development

Create a clear path to success for your leaders to grow with new management skills that align with your business goals.

Give your leaders and managers new tools, approaches and techniques that they can apply daily. Set them up for successful careers within your organization with our flagship leadership development program.

Our in-depth workshops are where your managers connect and grow. As they collaborate with their peers from other industries, they will expand their knowledge of proven management techniques and strategies that they can use straight away.

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Leadership Skills for Life

Interactive Skill Development for First Level Supervisors and All Employees

Supervisor Training

Equip your first line supervisors and valued employees with a strong foundation of critical life skills they can build on.

This program is designed for every Aspiring Leader, every Employee, and every Human who wants to improve their influence and impact with those most important to them.

In this 12-workshop program participants develop interpersonal skills, driving more engagement, retention and loyalty in the workplace, and promoting greater harmony in the home and in society at large.

Availability: Local location | Virtual | In-House

Development for a Lifetime

Corporate Membership Benefits to Support Lifetime Learning

Group of managers enjoying lifetime membership

Protect the investment you made in the leadership development of your team.

Join CrestcomSoCal for life with an annual membership that gives your team all-time access to one-to-one business coaching, leadership resources and best practices, and live webinars on current management challenges.

Enjoy membership pricing for every enrollment for our interactive leadership training programs.

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Set goals and inspire change—corporate and individual

Strategy Program

Interactive 2-Day Strategy Session for Top Level Executives

Strategy Session

The best way to protect your future is to create it.

Accelerate your business with our 2-day interactive strategy session and optional quarterly reviews. Walk away with a 90-day action plan and a senior staff that is engaged and owns the strategy.

Complete a strategic assessment, establish goals and KPIs to ensure your strategy's success and visibility, and prioritize initiatives that will keep your organization moving forward.

Availability: In-House

360 Evaluation

Professional Assessment Reports for All Employees

360 Evaluation

Help your team recognize their own strengths and opportunities for growth, and become more effective.

Our beautiful, branded assessment tool allows employees to receive confidential, anonymous feedback from their manager, peers, team, and customers.

Empower your employees to take accountability for their own development and behavior, build on their strengths and work on opportunities for improvement and coaching.

Availability: Online
Train your leaders, managers, and team to change the trajectory of your business.