Our California Training Team

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  • Seitz
    Discerning, visionary leader, balancing data, context, and intuition.

    Favorites: travel (to just about anywhere), the beach, skiing, sailing and golf. Loves building, improving, or renovating things: businesses, gardens, houses, furniture... Gets joy out of applying work and knowhow and seeing positive change and results.
    Jonathan D. Seitz
    Southern California
  • Connell
    KC. California Native, Beach Comber, Do Gooder, Trail Hiker, Dog Trainer, Dancing Meme, Go Getter.

    Passionate about continuous improvement, animals, art, the great outdoors, family, friends and hubby.
    Kelley Connell
    San Bernardino County
  • Smith
    Nick. Curious, inquisitive, beach native, dog lover, proud dad, gamer extraordinaire.

    Lover of games, puzzles, books, and movies. A very helpful and motivated person who gets great joy out of helping people succeed!
    Nick Smith
    Orange County East
  • Hoffmann
    First generation American, parents from Colombia SA. Born in NY and raised in LA. Attended USC for her undergrad, served on USC Board of Governors. Served 4 years as an Army officer stationed in Germany.

    Passionate Trojan, mom to 3 young adults, competitive open water swimmer, artist, and church choir singer.

    Nina has a strong drive to be successful. She hopes to help you build leaders at your company.
    Nina Hoffmann
    Los Angeles Van Nuys
  • Serio
    Sam I Am. Full of Energy. Wise Yet Warm.

    Spent half of adult life raising funds for the poorest people on earth. Misses his kids and grandkids in Atlanta. Loves the beach and mountains along with dancing to Motown. Fan of Rambo and Rocky!
    Sam Serio
    Riverside County
  • Wyatt
    Ginger. London native, Carlsbad resident. Mother of Four Grown-Up Boys.

    Loves Paris, great books, the ocean, David Bowie, Edith Piaf, baguettes and good wine.
    Sian Wyatt
    Southern California
  • Paglierani
    The Mighty Quinn. Positive, extroverted introvert, southpaw, dependable, problem solver, thoughtful, grateful.

    Sweet tooth, loves playing beach volleyball, yoga, wine tasting, baking and time with family
    Quinn Paglierani
    San Diego County
  • Matthey
    Farm girl from Iowa. Empathetic, curious, extraverted introvert.

    Lover of the outdoors, travel, healthy food, exercise, learning, and family.
    Alison Matthey
    Orange County
  • Faeron
    Areyla Faeron. Swing dance extraordinaire, world traveler, human development junkie, visionary, extrovert, collaborator.

    Loves brainstorm sessions, pottery, performing, folk music, houseplants and a good color pop.
    Areyla Faeron
    Southern California
  • Bialik
    Spent decades in Europe, Asia and Africa. Worked at Crestcom in Saudi Arabia, now at Crestcom SoCal. On-boarded Toyota, has worked extensively with non-profits, project manages.

    Loves international travel and theater directing. Proud husband, foosball champ and Catan addict.
    Dave Bialik
    Enterprise Solutions
  • Rasnake
    Small town girl from Indiana. Bold, go getter, traveler

    Loves to do anything outdoors, exercise, animals, spending time with friends, snowboarding, and being on the beach.
    Hannah Rasnake
    Southern California
  • Moreaux
    Kristy is our Wonderwoman!
    Kristy Moreaux
    Southern California
  • Vargas
    Vargas. Playful, empathetic, curious, active, always learning, enjoys challenges.

    Loves improv, dancing, board games and dinner with good friends.
    Michael Vargas
    Southern California
  • Oladunjoye
    Praise. Curious, active, playful. Always learning and enjoys challenges.

    Passionate. Enthusiastic. Loves learning about international cultures. A very helpful and resourceful person
    Praise Oladunjoye
    Southern California
  • Kurdi
    Sully Kurdi, Inspiration Catalyst. German born and raised, tri-lingual and very detail-oriented with deep passion for data and analysis. Master of the art of personal communication.

    Enjoys soccer and exploring financial markets, dedicated father and husband. His greatest fulfillment is seeing others succeed and shine.
    Sully Kurdi
    LA South Bay