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    Crestcom has been the best decision I could have made for my company. My team is learning each month and applying that knowledge right away. I have seen immense growth each month. I highly recommend Crestcom.
    Summer Gould, Eye/Comm, Santee

    Great material explained by professional leadership coaches. I recommend this course to any business owner looking to improve team performance.
    Jean-Luc Annet, Global Link Sourcing, Temecula

    Crestcom was exactly what we needed to bring about a stronger management team to meet the ever changing and challenging times within our industry, clientele, employees and vendors. A fully integrated approach to learning and skill utilization in real time situations.
    Jamie Zinn, Reliant Foodservice, Temecula

    The SynergEyes management team completed The Bullet Proof Manager with Crestcom this past year. No matter the number of years’ experience for each manager, each session was informative and applicable, In addition, the training gave us a common vocabulary to use and helped make our team more cohesive. I would recommend Crestcom to new managers as well as experienced.
    Jennifer Granich, SynergEyes, Carlsbad

    I recently had 4 of my team leaders, plus myself, go thru a year of Crestcom training. The curriculum and the instructors were all top notch. I am signing up 5 more team leaders. Great job Crestcom!
    David D., Fashion Furniture Rental, San Diego

    I would highly recommend this leadership course! The classes are very informative, interactive and thought provoking. The instructor keeps the team engaged throughout the class and has been a valuable resource for me and my organization.
    Misty Dupre, Salas O'Brien, Vista

    My organization has greatly benefited from our experience with Crestcom. My executive staff now works more cohesively, and my managers and supervisors are sharing what they learned to create a healthier culture. Definitely worth the money!
    Michael Julian, MPS Security | ALIVE Active Shooter Survival, Temecula

    What an amazing program filled with so much information useful in all aspects of life not only professional. Definitely would recommend to anyone trying to better themselves and people around them.
    Job Ocampo, Electronic Precision Specialties, Brea

    As an HR Manager, I would highly recommend the Crestcom training program for all companies large and small. Our managers reported several benefits they experienced- greater self-motivation, increased bonding as a management team, appreciation towards the company for investing in them and most of all increased knowledge and skills as leaders in dealing with employees and each other. It was a very positive experience for all of our managers. If you are looking for a way to add a positive boost to your management/leadership team this is it.
    Angela Carlson-Davis, Pinnacle Precision, Anaheim

    Crestcom has been a welcomed and refreshing opportunity for our Key Operations Team. Despite COVID, we have worked with Crestcom to creatively meet the needs of our Ops Team in continuing the leadership training in a safe and productive manner. The training has brought our Ops Team closer together, which has fostered greater communication and collaboration. Crestcom’s training aligns with our companies mission, vision and values. It provides the required resources and encouragement for their need to grow, combined with a sense of accountability and empowerment to take responsibility for their own success, resulting in the company’s success.
    Bryce E. Myers, Legendary Restaurants, Temecula

    Crestcom is the real deal!! John Partington, (class instructor) was great! He made the training fun and meaningful. The materials and tools provided by the class, can be used inside and outside the work place. Don’t waste your time shopping for other management and leadership development classes. Crestcom-OC is the only choice you should make!!!
    Michelle Weber, Magnetic Metals, Anaheim

    It has been several years since our training at Crestcom and to this day, the lessons learned are being used daily. Our Instructor, John Partington, made the classes fun and relevant so that the material learned stuck in our brains. He brought our team of 5 managers closer together and this has strengthened the overall team of the company. Definitely a great investment with returns that are still evident.
    Christina Bennett, Pinnacle Precision, Anaheim

    Crestcom has been a life changer both in professional development and personal growth. What you learn doesn’t just apply to work but can easily be related to your personal life. Material, subjects, and techniques that would take years to learn through trial and error is condensed into only one year of monthly presentations.

    The North County team in San Diego did an exceptional job of presenting the Crestcom material and visiting our place of work to assist us in executing what we learned. The team seems to actually believe in what they are preaching and care about our growth and success.

    The Solana Beach location that they have chosen looks out on a golf course and the ocean, they even have all you can eat breakfast – how can you beat that!
    Adam, Salas O'Brien, Vista

    I would recommend Crestcom to everyone. I would recommend to managers, those who aspire to be managers, team leaders, and any individual who wants to develop themselves to become a better worker, leader, teammate, and/or manager.

    Going into the program I was eager to learn. I was new to management and new to my position, so I wanted to learn how to balance my new work load whilst also being attentive to my team and their needs. It was a learning curve, but with the guidance of each session's video, session group work, and SMART meetings at my office, I was continuously becoming better for myself and my team. This made my team happier, which made my life happier and easier.

    Now that I’ve graduated, I still find myself opening up my Crestcom lesson plans and watching past videos to assist with day-to-day problems I run into. This can be as small as how to properly prioritize to large scale change in the workplace. Again, I highly recommend the Crestcom Program.
    Jazmine Arreola, National Air & Energy, San Diego

    The Bulletproof Manager course is just fantastic. You can only expect to have a limited amount of takeaways from other management courses that are delivered by webinar or in a 2-3 day seminar setting – we simply don’t learn very well that way. While that kind of training is certainly better than none, the Bulletproof Manager course is structured to hit all the different kinds of learning styles, and makes you put into practice what you’ve learned, reflect on it, and report back. That’s how learning becomes habit.

    The in-class content and instruction is great, but what I loved most about the course was the facilitated discussions with your classmates and peers, and exercises that really make you think about how you will apply the learning to your specific situation (your company, your role, your team). The timeline of the course lets you truly absorb the great array of teachings and fosters true professional and personal growth.
    Celeste P., PRA, San Diego

    What an opportunity it has been to participate in the Bullet Proof Manager program. I have learned many new principles and gained applicable professional and personal tools, many of which have shown tremendous value. I still have many more to use and fortunately have a binder bible and online resource to reference when I need it. Due to the courses commitment to action plans and follow up I have actually implemented many more of these strategies than other courses I’ve taken. You truly get the support you need from the facilitator and fellow trainees in the program. I have been lucky to meet many great individuals because of Crestcom. My Crestcom facilitator and coach has been wonderful and I highly recommend her and the course.

    One word, Valuable!
    Lisa Liu, Pasadena

    I took this course about a year ago and let me tell this was the greatest tool my company could have given me. At first I was shy and didnt really like to participate but John Partington made the class feel so welcoming, fun and productive. John is great at what he does, if you have a question he will explain and makes sure you have all the right information. This class has been a great learning tool not only for work but also for your personal experiences.
    Ana Mejia, Magnetic Metals, Anaheim

    I was honored to be a participant in this program, as it taught me a lot about myself and how to become a better me in my professional and personal life. The exercises throughout the program were great , very helpful, easy, user friendly, and Well thought out to help through the process. I would love to be a parts of Crestcom Team and become one of the instructors and help make a difference in someones professional and/or personal life like this program and our instructor did for me. Thank you very much and thank you John for your leadership throughout this program, i would do it all over again.
    Carlos Avina, Electronic Precision Specialties, Brea

    I have been in the Crestom program for 7 months now and it has helped me become a better manager as well as a more productive one, I have learned so much on areas such as time management, employee management, office procedure management as well as tips on training and training processes. I highly recommend this course to any up and coming managers. The processes have increased our productivity and profits, it has been amazing to see that small things have such a great impact.
    Mike Spencer, Best Rate Repair, San Diego

    Crestcom's Bulletproof Manager courses were loaded with information relevant not only in a management/business environment but in dealing with many of life's day-to-days. I was extremely impressed with the instructor, John Partington, who kept the atmosphere lively and engaging and whose obvious investment in the success of the course members kept him readily accessible even after courses were complete.
    Kenneth Kurtz, Pinnacle Precision, Anaheim

More Testimonials

    BPM helped me become a good manager. This course teaches you the "how."
    Jonathan Sim, Elma Electronic, Fremont
    I learned some excellent and important skills and strategies to be a better manager
    Ron Whitehead, XPERA Group, San Diego
    Every session that I went to was extremely helpful, it was practical, it was applicable. And, for me, there was a lot of fresh, new ideas for this Baby Boomer. That was a great thing to embrace
    Farzad Tadayon, Salas O'Brien, Vista
    The application of this training has improved most facets of my work life and my personal life
    Sarah Salyer, FOX Factory, Watsonville
    It really brought us together as a team
    Tim Haas, Ballast Point Brewing Company, San Diego
    I would highly recommend this leadership course! I got something out of every session that I'm able to use on a day to day basis
    Misty DuPre, Salas O'Brien, Vista
    The Crestcom program has helped me manage my own strengths and weaknesses, provide new tools to grow, producing results that directly impact profitability for my division
    Melissa Moissant, Fluid Components International, San Marcos
    I can confidently say that in the last 12 months, I've grown to becoming a more confident manager, understanding how much more important my role in this firm has been and can be
    Steve Barrow, Salas O'Brien, Vista
    Crestcom this past year has make such a difference to our company that our long-time employees can see we're more profitable now than we were this time last year.
    Jasmine Venegas, National Air & Energy, San Diego
    The outcome is incredible… when you graduate from this class, it's just the beginning, it isn't the end
    Snjezana Covic, Vantari Genetics
    All of the parts of the Crestcom program, all of them, are going to make CCA much better. I truly believe it has and will moving forward
    Jeff Carlile, Carlile Coatsworth Architects, Irvine
    The program has given me a deliberate, systematic approach
    Bill Owen, Arborwell, Hayward
    After one year in this program, I have learned that better communication, change, mentoring, working cohesively with multi-generational teams, motivating, acknowledging and being committed, will make me a better leader.
    Susan Kessler, National Air & Energy, San Diego
    I now have a nice little tool box and can say 'I now have an action plan for this' or 'I know what I can put into place to achieve a different result that I would have done initially.' I have all these great resources sitting at my finger tips
    Carson Mallonee, MBH Architects, Alameda
    The things that I've learned apply to me both professionally, made me a better worker, a better manager, but more importantly, I think it's made me a better person
    Kenyata Smith, Eye/Comm, Santee
    With Crestcom, I can honestly say I now know my employees. Crestcom has meant a lot to me
    Geronimo Huerta, Commercial Bath Refinishing, Los Angeles
    BPM has helped our company tremendously, most importantly with profit. Time is money
    Taneisha Buttelo, Fidelity National Title, San Jose
    This will have a huge impact, not only professionally, but personally as well.
    Devon O'Donnell, Eye/Comm, Santee
    The classes at Crestcom are easy to adapt to in your home life and at work
    Chris Morris, Peterson Trucks, San Leandro
    This class will definitely check your reality
    Kevin Sinclair, Peterson Trucks, San Leandro
    A real class act
    Chief Tom Stephenson, Capstone Fire & Safety Management, Escondido
    I would absolutely recommend this class. It was very helpful
    Kelly Hegman, Musco Family Olive Co, Tracy
    These tools I have learned here have helped me a lot - especially in communication
    Chasen Wendt, Nikkiso Cryoquip, Temecula
    Crestcom has taught me a lot about myself as well as how to manage
    Hillary Thompson, MBH Architects, Alameda
    For me personally one of the most important lessons I received from this program was that Leadership exists at any position and everybody can and should take the initiative to contribute
    Shell Ziao, MBH Architects, Alameda
    Training is an eternal process. You lose relevance if you don't continue to improve yourself
    Joseph Ramaglia, Ballast Point Brewing Company, San Diego
    I developed a powerful state of mind that allows my true abilities to flourish like never before. Great things happen!
    Erickson Bareng, BHI Bazz Houston, Garden Grove
    Overall I highly recommend the Crestcom program to all the new and even the more experienced supervisors and managers of any company
    Ray Constantino, BHI Bazz Houston, Garden Grove
    This program is just really, really tremendously helpful in building confidence, how we approach our clients and how we approach our co-workers, how we show thanks to our clients
    Marco Hanawi, Carlile Coatsworth Architects, Irvine
    Overall it was a great experience. I learned a lot and I'm just looking forward to implementing all these things and to inspire my team because it's not just for me, it's not just what I can do, but I want to lead them by example
    Gloria Galan, Fluid Components International, San Marcos
    I could tell this was a top notch organization the way it was put together
    James Urbanoski, Fluid Components International, San Marcos
    I really did enjoy these sessions. I wasn't sure what to expect but had some ideas and it lived up to everything I was hoping for and more
    Guy Plouffe, Electronic Output Solutions, Vista
    I feel like Crestcom has really created a lot better dynamic in the Customer Service Dept.
    Stephen Fyffe, Electronic Output Solutions, Vista
    This class has complimented and helped me build the skills I already had as a manager and it's helping me take those skills to the next leve
    Carl Swartz, R.F. MacDonald, Hayward
    This training has given me the tools to do my job better and, I dare say, the tools to affect change within our company
    Brant Lewis, The Montague Company, Hayward
    I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and new insights in the way I perform my job
    Kristine Romero, Gerdau Reinforcing Steel, San Diego
    The best, most sustainable training I've ever experienced
    Phil Traywick, Sysco Guest Supply, Corona
    I'm looking forward to taking this on to more of the managers in my company. We're trying to broaden everyone's horizons
    Lauren Penich, NRI Distribution, Fontana
    The topics are relevant today. The course provided me with good, sound management training
    Richard Cox, Westgate Hotel, San Diego
    Our experience with this program was very positive
    Maja Karabeg, Authority Partners, Irvine
    One of the things that I really valued with Crestcom was that I learned that I didn't have to reinvent the wheel
    Steve Mirsky, Pacific Rim Capital, Irvine
    This program provided me with different management strategies that I can quickly apply in the work place to improve communications, to delegate tasks, to create consensus, and to get results the first time
    Anca Raicea, Avid Bioservices, Tustin