Meet our Subject Matter Experts

We partner with business authors and subject matter experts worldwide to create our best in class curriculum

  • Bounds
    Andy Bounds
    Workplace Communication & Productivity
  • Gilbert
    Dr. Christopher Gilbert
    Ethical Decision-Making
  • Quinn Votaw
    Kathleen Quinn Votaw
    Talent Management & Recruiting
  • Patterson
    L. Bonita Patterson
    Change Management
  • Wilkins
    LaTonya Wilkins
    Inclusion & Belonging
  • Sherman
    Marilyn Sherman
    Delegation & Conflict Management
  • Beal
    Mark Beal
    Multigenerational Leadership, Gen Z Expert
  • Weston
    Paul Weston
    Managing Time and Focus
  • Hyken
    Shep Hyken
    Customer Service Experience
  • Farber
    Steve Farber
    Coaching & Accountability
  • Shapiro
    Steve Shapiro
    Personality Styles & Adaptive Leadership
  • di Guisto
    Sylvie di Guisto
    Leadership Presence & Trust
  • Ghandour
    Tamara Ghandour
    Problem Solving & Innovation
  • Ma
    Ted Ma
    Emotional Intelligence & Resilience
  • Oser
    Tom Oser
    Strategy & Execution
  • Holmes
    Dr. Tyrone Holmes
    Unconscious Bias