Build a strong culture with a team who is consistently improving.

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Are you ready to finally create scalable change for your team and business?

If you’ve struggled with team cohesion, productivity, and retention, but you don’t have the time to personally manage the culture anymore… it’s time to train your managers to lead with power.

The problem is, most training and development programs pack too much information in a short amount of time, and fail to integrate their results into day-to-day performance.

Our programs spread skills development over 12 months, with coaching and accountability to ensure every skill goes into practice. They don’t just teach managerial skills. They include hands-on accelerator sessions to continually improve culture and performance, while helping managers take more responsibility in company growth and profitability.


Transform managers into self-starters who see their leadership as essential to the company’s success

Expedite business growth with high-performing leaders

Managers will learn 24 fundamental skills from experts and set a clear plan to optimize their performance each month.

Instill collaboration and constructive feedback

A professional facilitator keeps the group engaged during each learning session, discussion, and implementation planning session.

Build accountability around common goals

Required action plans create accountability around SMARTeR goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound, with Expected Results..

Develop a resilient, positive team culture

Managers learn effective communication skills to build a team-wide common language of leadership.

From HR to CEOs, see why leaders love our programs

“As an HR Manager, I would highly recommend the Crestcom training program for all companies large and small. ”

Our managers reported several benefits they experienced; greater self-motivation, increased bonding as a management team, appreciation towards the company for investing in them and most of all increased knowledge and skills as leaders in dealing with employees and each other. It was a very positive experience for all of our managers.

— Angela D.,Pinnacle Precision, Anaheim

“I have been in the Crestcom program for 7 months now and it has helped me become a better manager as well as a more productive one. ”

I have learned so much on areas such as time management, employee management, office procedure management as well as tips on training and training processes. I highly recommend this course to any up and coming managers. The processes have increased our productivity and profits, it has been amazing to see that small things have such a great impact.

— Mike S.,Best Rate Repair, San Diego

“ What an opportunity it has been to participate in the Crestcom Leadership program.”

I have learned many new principles and gained applicable professional and personal tools, many of which have shown tremendous value. I still have many more to use and fortunately have a binder bible and online resource to reference when I need it. Due to the courses commitment to action plans and follow up I have actually implemented many more of these strategies than other courses I’ve taken. You truly get the support you need from the facilitator and fellow trainees in the program. I have been lucky to meet many great individuals because of Crestcom. My Crestcom facilitator and coach, Kelley, has been wonderful and I highly recommend her and the course.

— Lisa Liu.,Pasadena
Create a clear plan OF ACTION

The Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. Leadership Development Program

The Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. program has worked for thousands of managers because of our simple, effective formula: utilizing expert trainers, required action plans, and accountability through reporting.

Leaders log their action plan into the learning portal and report on their results each month. This allows executives to see the improvement with reports that show cumulative charts of engagement, profitability, cash savings, and more as a result of the manager’s participation.

As they see how their performance correlates with company profitability improvements, managers take more responsibility for their impact in the company. They focus on developing their company culture and acknowledging the progress their team makes.



If your managers excelled in each of these 10 Core Competencies what impact would it have on your bottom line?

Drives for Results

  • Accountability
  • Decision Making
  • Asks the Right Questions

Builds the Right Team

  • Hires the Right Talent
  • Multi-Generational Leadership
  • Organizing and Developing Teams

Influences Others

  • Open & Effective Communication
  • Negotiation & Building Consensus
  • Emotional Intelligence

Understands the Business

  • Generates Business Insights
  • Financial Management
  • Productivity & Process Efficiency

Executes Vision

  • Defines & Communicates Vision
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Plans & Prioritizes

Encourages Excellence

  • Delegation & Empowerment
  • Coaching & Encouragement
  • Rewards & Recognition

Develops Positive Relationships

  • Collaboration
  • Networking
  • Conflict Management

Develops Customer Focus

  • Trust & Credibility
  • Responsive Problem Solving
  • Needs & Opportunity Awareness

Fosters Innovation

  • Change Leadership & Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Complex Thinking

Models Personal Growth

  • Self Awareness
  • Continuous Learning
  • Managing Personal Energy & Time

Company wide success — integrated into all areas of your business


Bridging the gap from good to great.


What’s stopping you from creating a strong company culture that is consistently improving?

Leadership development is critical for companies that want to succeed. It is likely you have done some “leadership training” before. It is likely it did not have the focus on your day-to-day. We focus on taking action on your day-to-day goals so everyone can develop new skills and optimize your business’ performance.

Finally rely on a company culture with a long-term solution that will increase productivity, improve profitability, and boost employee retention. Your CEO and team will thank you.

“The training has brought our Ops Team closer with greater communication and collaboration.”

It provides the required resources and encouragement for their need to grow, combined with a sense of accountability and empowerment to take responsibility for their own success, resulting in the company’s success.

— Bryce M.,Legendary Restaurants, Temecula
“Crestcom has been a life changer both in professional development and personal growth.”

What you learn doesn’t just apply to work but can easily be related to your personal life. Material, subjects, and techniques that would take years to learn through trial and error is condensed into only one year of monthly presentations.

— AdamSalas O’Brien, Vista
“The Crestcom course is just fantastic.”

What I loved most about the course was the facilitated discussions with your classmates and peers, and exercises that really make you think about application. You truly absorb the great array of teachings and foster professional and personal growth.

— Celeste P.PRA, San Diego

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