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I would recommend it for all current and future leaders of industry.
Nate Cole, W.A. Rasic Construction Company

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Project Management Professionals who complete the program receive 48 PDUs in all three areas of the talent triangle.

The Top 4 Challenges Facing Project Management Professionals Today... and How the Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. Program Can Help Solve Them

Resource Management

  • Develop and communicate a clear vision and strategic plan
  • Use strong decision-making skills to prioritize resource allocation and resolve conflicts
  • Use negotiating skills to advocate for project needs while considering the interests of others

Communication and Collaboration

  • Communicate goals and expectations with impact and get results the first time
  • Create a culture of trust with highly effective and devoted team members
  • Build a culture of accountability

Risk Management

  • Identify root causes, develop creative solutions, and implement strategies to mitigate impact of risks
  • Increase team engagement by understanding different personality styles
  • Foster a collaborative environment where team members feel empowered to contribute their insights and expertise

Adapting to Change

  • Practice flexibility, curiosity and perseverance
  • Manage conflict correctly with an established framework
  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence and practice other critical soft skills

More About Crestcom Leadership Development

Experience the unique learning experience and expert content of the Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. Program.

During the last 30+ years, over 1 million managers and leaders in 60 countries have developed new leadership skills through Crestcom's flagship leadership program. In California, over 500 companies have used our training to strengthen their teams and provide their managers with new tools and techniques for success.

People learn and develop over time. Our leadership program includes four hours of workshops a month for 12 consecutive months, with built-in accountability and follow-through.

Interactive, live-facilitated workshops are available in-person or virtually to fit your learning preferences and schedule. Workshops take place monthly in Orange/Anaheim and there are other in-person locations available. We also offer flexible virtual workshop choices to allow for the busiest of schedules.

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