SCCA Partners with Crestcom International to Offer Flagship Leadership Development

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SCCA has selected Crestcom International as its partner for leadership development based on its tenured expertise and unique learning experience.

Help your construction teams and leaders address their most pressing challenges with C-TEC's award-winning and accredited leadership development program.

More About C-TEC Leadership Training

During the last 30+ years, over 1 million managers and leaders in 60 countries have developed new leadership skills through Crestcom's flagship leadership program that we are now offering through C-TEC. In California, over 500 companies have used our training to strengthen their teams and provide their managers with new tools and techniques for success.

Interactive, live-facilitated workshops are available in-person or virtually to fit your learning preferences and schedule. Workshops begin in April 2022 at SCCA HQ and there are other in-person venues available. Click HERE to find an in-person venue near you.

Take a Closer Look

Whether you're considering C-TEC Leadership Training for yourself, your leadership team, or one supervisor, we offer you a variety of ways to find out more about the program.

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Register for the Leadership Skills Workshop ("Test Drive") on April 7th over ZOOM

Experience segments taken from actual modules in the 12-month program. Walk away with at least one Action Plan that will bring immediate value to you or your team.

This is a free - NO OBLIGATION - workshop for SCCA members to improve their leadership skills and to evaluate the program and its value for you and your organization. Any questions you may have about this program will be answered.

Schedule a conversation to learn more

Book 15 minutes with Jonathan Seitz, President of Crestcom SoCal, to find out more about Leadership Training and whether it might be a good fit for your team.

Book a "Test Drive" workshop at your workplace

If you are considering enrolling multiple managers, Crestcom will deliver the "Test Drive" workshop at your location. Allow your team to evaluate the program and opt in to participate.


The Top 4 Challenges Facing Construction Professionals Today and How C-TEC Leadership Training Can Help Solve Them:

Sourcing Skilled Workers

  • Establish a framework for recruitment and succession planning
  • Employ a development strategy for your immediate and future skill needs

Consistent and Reliable Communication Between Teams

  • Communicate with impact and get results the first time
  • Create a culture of trust with highly effective and devoted employees

Employee Retention

  • Coach and empower employees to achieve greater results
  • Improve employee engagement by understanding different personality styles

Team Cohesion and Collaboration

  • Manage conflict correctly with an established framework
  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence and practice other critical soft skills