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Let’s face it. Improving our Management and Leadership skills, and those of our teams, will have a significant impact on our business or organization (be it a sole proprietorship, a nonprofit, or a multi-national conglomerate)… we have all read the countless studies. The question is not should we, but rather what should we do to best assure we will receive the behavioral changes and positive results we want?

For this, one size does NOT fit all. To deliver the best results for your organization, without busting your budget, we work with you to discover and test drive solutions, BEFORE you make any investment.

Based on your business size, we provide NO RISK ways to learn more AND experience VALUE BEFORE making a commitment

To learn more, start by selecting the number of employees in your business:

  1. Schedule a conversation

What's next?

  1. If the Step 1 conversation warrants further exploration, receive an invitation to attend session one of our next two session Leadership Workshop (a $250+ value) on us.
  2. After experiencing the complementary 2 hour live facilitated workshop, decide if Crestcom is a good fit to help you reach your development goals. If it is, stay for session two and matriculate through the program.
  1. If the Step 1 conversation warrants further exploration, schedule a 27-minute executive overview to assess the value and return of working with Crestcom and better understand Crestcom, what we do, how we do it.
  2. At the end of the 27-minute Executive Overview, schedule a 3-hour complementary Leadership Skills Workshop for your team (a $2,900 value) so you can experience real skill development and assess the potential return of engaging with Crestcom.
  3. Based on your team’s engagement in the 3 hour workshop, understanding the potential ROI, determine which members of your team are best suited to begin the program.
  1. If the Step 1 conversation warrants further exploration, complete an initial questionnaire to help us understand your current business and desires for the future of your business.
  2. Schedule a follow up needs assessment/Skill Development goals interview (90 to 120 minutes) with our global account consultant and be advised of the potential array of solutions available from Crestcom, based on your needs and situation.
  3. Collaborate with our team to develop the best possible solution for your organization – including assessments, standard programs, Custom Programs, potential roll out plans as well as success metrics and measurements.
  4. Develop and agree on a plan for success (including project scope, individuals assigned, key success metrics, etc.)
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