Featured Success Story: Motivating a Remote Employee

Featured Success Story: Motivating a Remote Employee

How Greg re-engaged a remote employee whose performance was suffering

Greg Parks, Katz & Associates, manages remote employees

Greg is a Director in a firm that develops and implements specialized programs for strategic communications, public involvement and community relations.  He leads the Transportation and Infrastructure Practice and divides his time between the San Francisco and San Diego offices.  Greg's team members, for the most part, work remotely.

Greg implemented techniques from multiple Crestcom sessions to raise engagement and improve performance with a member of his team,

The challenge... and the solution

One challenge with managing people who aren't based in the office is that they can feel disconnected and perceived problems get magnified.  As a manager, you don't get to chat with them on an impromptu basis or see them face-to-face very often.  It's more difficult with remote employees to gauge how they're doing and to pick up on issues they may be experiencing.

Greg had a team member who he felt seemed disengaged and his performance was suffering.  From speaking with him, Greg identified that the employee had a motivation issue with his current client, in that he felt that his project was not going well and the client wasn't satisfied with his work.

Greg had actually been getting good feedback about the project from the client.  He therefore set about addressing his employee's reservations.  He:

  • personalized the work the employee was doing
  • defined the outcomes of what the work he was doing would mean to the client, the community, and his own firm
  • explained why the client needed what they needed from him, and the reasons the work he was doing was important

Once his employee understood the reasons for and impact of his work, he tackled the project with new enthusiasm.  Greg reports an increased mutual opinion of the work and the project on the part of the employee and the client.  He has received even more positive feedback and kudos on behalf of the employee from the client.  And his remote employee is once again enjoying his work.