Featured Success Story: How to reprioritize, refocus, and save 8 hours a week!

Clarifying expectations leads to more effective productivity

Chasen Wendt

A recent Bullet Proof Manager session focused on 10 Ways to Increase Morale and Motivation. We examined the 5 reasons people aren’t performing at peak performance at work. Reason #1 is that they don’t know what they are supposed to do. They may be generally aware of priorities and expectations but over time, these get blurred by changing responsibilities and scope creep.

Chasen is part of the Sales Engineering Team at Cryoquip, one of the world's leading fabricators of cryogenic & gas processing equipment. He used this idea to refocus on the most important aspects of his job, reprioritize, and eliminate tasks which are not in alignment with team goals.

Chasen created a list of expectations for the Sales Engineer position and validated it with his manager before sharing with his team. He reports that all members of the Sales Engineering Group are now more aware of what is expected of them and focused on the most important tasks of the position, leading to more effective productivity and improved teamwork.


Chasen estimates that the exercise has eliminated up to 8 hours per week of non-related sales tasks per team member. More time to dedicate to high priority work!