Featured Success Story: How Maz is getting new hires off to a good start!

Creating a quicker and more prepared on-boarding process for estimators

Maz Salimi

August's featured Success Story was inspired by Simon Bailey's workshop:

  • Develop Effective - and Devoted - Employees

Simon Bailey teaches that ensuring employee commitment to the brand begins on day one, when they first report for work.  The on-boarding experience shapes new employees' perception of the organization and their place and value within it.


Maz is an Engineering Supervisor at one of California's leading metal forming and fabricating companies.  He applied key concepts from Simon Bailey's session to develop a formalized on-boarding process for newly hired cost estimators.  

Maz created orientation memoranda and a training package for the latest new hire within his department.   The training package included topics to be covered, a schedule, and a breakdown of training goals which he reviewed with both the trainee and the trainer to align learning objectives with organizational needs.  The documentation and process is reusable for all future cost estimators hired at the company.


  • Quicker and more prepared on-boarding process for estimators
  • Improvement in training retention due to specific training goals for new hire and trainer
  • Ability to delegate hands-on training to non-managerial staff

Cost-Benefit Analysis (submitted by Maz):

ROI calculations