Featured Success Story: Memorable communication for maximum results

Featured Success Story: Memorable communication for maximum results

Memorable messaging appeals to our four biases

Sarah Salyer

Sarah is Quality Control Manager at FOX Factory, the top company in design and development of high performance shock absorbers. She used some tips from Andy Bounds to ensure her communications are remembered long after she makes them.

Consciously making messages memorable...

Sarah comments that she prefers to communicate and listen to messages that are short and to the point. However, during Andy’s workshop she realized she could be a better communicator by consciously making her messages memorable—specifically appealing to the memory biases (early, recency, repetitive, outstanding).

In her own words: “I started keeping a journal of personal stories and being more aware of the things that happen to me and how they apply to my situation. Additionally, I revamped two re-occurring meetings I lead: the weekly field returns meeting and the monthly sustaining meeting with our engineering group. I listed out ways that my current approach appeals to the four biases (early, recency, repetitive, and outstanding) and implemented new ideas for improved communication and improved drive to progressive actions.”

...leads to more worthwhile meetings

Sarah reports that several individuals involved in the meetings have noted improved communication and productiveness. Not only is the discussion more relevant, but the overall effort to stay on topic and drive open actions to closure has really improved. She notes that 15 minutes of more value added discussion during each meeting collectively saves 75 minutes on average for the five people attending, making the whole exercise speedier, more productive and more enjoyable for everyone involved.