Featured Success Story: How Chris increased sales and cut costs

Featured Success Story: How Chris increased sales and cut costs

Innovation leads to both new product line and time savings

Chris Colizzi

July's featured Success Story is an example of how one participant drew inspiration from two different Bullet Proof Manager sessions related to change and innovation at work. 

  • Lead your Team through Change - Dr. Kim Alyn
  • How to Inspire Innovation - Ron Crossland

Chris Colizzi at Cryoquip, one of the world's leading fabricators of cryogenic & gas processing equipment, was inspired by the topic of change to sell a 3D drawing to a client, driving forward a new product line that had been discussed but never implemented.  Now a 3D drawing had been sold, his team sprang into action to identify the best way to execute the order.  They found the most efficient method was to create a relationship with an off-shore subcontractor who could fulfill both the current order and similar ones moving forward.


  • $8,500 additional relocation from this project alone
  • Increased scope for additional sales
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Another means of fulfillment for client orders

A month later, Chris reports that he was motivated by the innovation session to again increase the ways that Cryoquip can satisfy its customers.  His team has been given the opportunity to develop equipment when not engaged in other projects.  He is currently working on developing a line of trailer mounted ambient vaporizers that will help Cryoquip feed the market demand and standardize a product that is often sold to clients as one-off customizations.

Expected Result:

  • Savings in Chris's time designing one-off customizations
  • Additional savings in the design team's time, as the amount of additional customization required will be reduced.

With results like this from his first three months' attendance in the Bullet Proof Manager, we can't wait to find out what Chris accomplishes by the end of the year!