November 25, 2016

Quantifiable ROI


“By not losing focus of “the afters”, reduced need to return to correct deficiencies that can cost us approximately $1,420.00 per three-man crew for each return trip.”  – $142,000


Taking Initiative

“It broadened our scope and got us more money on a single project.” – $8,500

“Gives the company and client the ability to make decisions. The ability to earn $2.4M in a shorter period” – $98,000 improved cash flow and increased revenue


Efficiency Leading to more Productivity

“All members of the sales group are aware of what is expected and focus on the important tasks of the position. This led to more effective productivity. Estimated cost savings basis:  save up to 8 hours of non-related sales tasks, estimated [email protected]$90/hr = $720/wk per person.  $34,560 for 1 person per year.”

“Increased work output and better customer responses.” – $60,000


Improved Team – Time – Efficiency – Productivity

“Identified corporate values and conveyed clearly to employees to better align personal with corporate values: 3% increase in productivity” – $150,000 impact due to reduction in lost days, reduced employee turnover, increased output

“Better communication, faster results to the customer, less friction and more unity” – $5,000,000

“My team has come up with things that can save time and make the department more efficient.” – $45,000 “No wasted efforts, No lost opportunity, No unacknowledged work” – $60,000

“Urgent or important tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner.” – $10,000


Increased Revenue

“I have been able to justify additional services for a client and over the last four months have succeeded in extending services. This is also documented. This is the human side of handling the problems. I sold $200k of additional services on a $2mm contract, 10% additional gross revenue on top of the original forecast”. – $200,000 additional revenue

“Benefits are great. In this particular case, in one year it will be around $650,000 in sales.”

“We won the Job …the client’s team literally pulled out their note pads and started writing.” – $2,000,000 additional revenue

“Closed a very competitive deal in which the customer had already purchased an update to their existing software.“ – $1,000,000 additional revenue

“We received a few inquiries after the presentation and one notable opportunity was able to be captured. We are currently qualifying production on this part and the estimated annual revenue is upwards of $200,000.”