Our Team

Crestcom California Group

Brian Link

Riverside County

Brian has spent most of his career in a variety of supervisory and management positions in law enforcement. He has extensive experience training, mentoring, and developing professionals. He is also the co-founder and past President of a not-for-profit training organization. Brian now works with private businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the Inland Empire to develop their employees through personal and professional development training programs. Brian has a BSC in Criminal Justice Management and an MA in Business Management

John R. Partington, JR.

Orange County (North)

John has 36 years of leadership and management experience, and is dedicated to helping managers who have recently been promoted or managers whose skills need to be further developed or refreshed. He works with organizations, both private and governmental, throughout north Orange Country.

Jonathan Seitz

San Diego County (North), Bay Area

Jonathan has served on the executive team of two multi-national businesses and owned and managed two successful startups. With over 35 years of positive impact through coaching, mentoring, and leading others to achieve, Leadership and Management Development is an extension of his passion and experience.

Kelley Connell

Los Angeles (Pasadena)

Accomplished Sales Professional with proven ability to secure key customers, build C level relationships, enhance profitability and achieve and exceed revenue and target objectives. Energetic, driven and determined has ability to develop proactive and strategic planning to create new business new ideas and new ways to successfully accomplish goals in highly competitive market place.

Maria Busch PCC, MSW, SPHR

Los Angeles (Long Beach/South Bay)

Maria is President of Synergistic Leadership, a Crestcom company dedicated to improving employee engagement, productivity, and profits through Leadership and Management Skill Development.

Mike Nowland

San Diego County (City and South)

Mike’s purpose in life is to help people be better, do better and live better! He has held multiple senior level positions in Learning and Development and HR management. Mike is an empathetic and persuasive communicator who works with managers and senior leaders to improve their effectiveness personally, professionally and within their teams.

Mike Shepherd

Orange County (South)

Mike is a highly successful business leader with more than 30 years experience driving strategic business development and financial planning for start-up and mature companies. He is internationally recognized for his ability to realize business opportunities and deliver consistent revenue and profit growth. Mike excels at creating high-performing organizations and developing cross-functional, diverse teams.

Sian Wyatt

San Diego County (North)

Sian is committed to the success of every Bullet Proof Manager and manages the follow-up meetings that help ensure the program’s measurable benefits, both to the participant and their sponsoring organization. Previously she was VP Customer Care & Delivery for a multinational company, and President of a software solutions company.