Our Team

Crestcom California Group

Ali Raheem

Northern California

Ali has over 20 years of experience in various leadership roles with companies in technology and financial services sectors. He has led various unprecedented initiatives to import, market, and sell American made industrial products in Japan to large industrial corporates. Most recently, Ali retired from Ernst & Young as an equity partner. His longtime passion about leadership development was the catalyst for joining the Crestcom family!

John R. Partington, JR.

Orange County (North)

John has 36 years of leadership and management experience, and is dedicated to helping managers who have recently been promoted or managers whose skills need to be further developed or refreshed. He works with organizations, both private and governmental, throughout north Orange Country.

Jonathan Seitz

Southern California

Jonathan has served on the executive team of two multi-national businesses and owned and managed two successful startups. With over 35 years of positive impact through coaching, mentoring, and leading others to achieve, Leadership and Management Development is an extension of his passion and experience.

Kelley Connell

Los Angeles (Pasadena)

Kelley is an accomplished Sales Professional with proven ability to secure key customers, build C level relationships, enhance profitability and achieve and exceed revenue and target objectives. Energetic, driven and determined, she has the ability to develop proactive and strategic planning to create new business, new ideas and new ways to successfully accomplish goals in highly competitive market place.

Mike Shepherd

Orange County (South)

Mike is a highly successful business leader with more than 30 years experience driving strategic business development and financial planning for start-up and mature companies. He is internationally recognized for his ability to realize business opportunities and deliver consistent revenue and profit growth. Mike excels at creating high-performing organizations and developing cross-functional, diverse teams.

Quinn Paglierani

Southern California

Quinn is a certified coach, experienced facilitator and former human resources professional. She brings over a decade of experience facilitating and coaching professionals in the workplace, from high growth start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations. She is passionate about equipping leaders with the skills necessary to be effective and make a positive impact in their organizations..

Sam Serio

Riverside County

Sam has been involved in managing and leading teams of employees in the corporate world for the past 25 years. He has also been responsible for leading and managing teams of volunteers in the non-profit sector for the past 40 years. He knows what it takes to work effectively with both employees and volunteers in producing record revenues.

Benjamin Joseph

Southern California

Serving in the United States Navy, Benjamin took leadership training to heart and believes that the best investment an employer can make is in good, solid, leadership and management training. He believes application of solid training pays priceless dividends along with peace of mind and should be a standard and integral part of any corporate strategy which entails dynamic growth. His personal statement is "Service to others, there is no higher calling".

Melanie Lahr

Southern California

Melanie has been a dedicated, service-oriented, problem solver, sales consultant and coach for over 20 years. She has a passion for helping and serving others- both professionally and in her personal life. She has been involved in multiple food donor operations for the homeless. As a hobby, Melanie enjoys singing and has had the opportunity to sing the national anthem at sporting events including both San Diego Padre and USD games.

Sian Wyatt

San Diego County

Sian is committed to the success of every Bullet Proof Manager and manages the follow-up meetings that help ensure the program’s measurable benefits, both to the participant and their sponsoring organization. Previously she was President of a software solutions company, and VP Customer Care & Delivery for a multinational organization.