Sales Training that Produces Results

Our interactive learning experiences help people produce real business results.

Here in Southern California our experts help you increase both revenue and profitability through our in-depth, live sales training for your managers and sales team.

Crestcom Sales Academy

“The result of (Crestcom Sales Academy training) has been an increase in confidence within the Sales Team; each member having re-set their goals with a resultant expectation of a significant increase in revenues for the Company.”

–Roger Richards, managing director, FLSmidth Krebs

Equip your sales force with the tools they need

Accelerated Sales Training

The Crestcom Sales Academy accelerated sales training course reduces ramp-up time for your new sales associates by giving them powerful sales tools to get up to speed and ready to grow your business. In two days, both new and experienced salespeople will learn how to start closing more deals and how to negotiate bigger customer contracts. If your salespeople did not meet their goals last year, now is the time to arm them with new strategies. If you have a team of solid performers, this sales training can empower them to meet their stretch goals.

Real-Time Results

This intensive training ensures that your team will maintain its focus on selling while at the same time applying new skills that will produce better results. They will learn and apply proven communication techniques that open doors to new opportunities.

Salespeople will learn strategies for developing referrals, overcoming objections or resistance, and creating deeper and stronger relationships with existing customers – all of which lead to more sales for your company.