Graduate reviews and testimonials

Crestcom clients, CEOs and graduates in California offer reviews of their Leadership Development experience.

"The best, most sustainable training I've ever experienced"

"The most amazing journey of my life"

"I feel that I've been able to lead teams a lot better, gain a lot more trust from people, and accomplish a lot more"

"The biggest takeaway from this class is that if you want some day people that you manage to thank you at your retirement party for being the most influential person in their career, you really need to show that you care"

"BPM training has also been of great benefit to the management team as a whole. Crestcom has provided a common experience from which we in the management team can draw upon to build for the future."

" I can see how the various managers have used the tools with their teams. That has been huge. "

"This delves into the human aspect… it could apply to any business, it improves the way we present ourselves, and I leaned a great deal"

"Every session seemed like it came up right when we needed it"

"These are all awesome topics for everybody"

"This process complimented and help me build some of the skills I already had as a manager and is helping me take those skills to the next level"

"This management program will help me work better with different teams"

"Crestcom indeed enhanced my leadership skills, I learned how to lead with integrity and passion. Crestcom is creating the next generation of leaders."

"This program helped me get a very well rounded management experience"

"Our experience was very positive… Motivation is about getting people to do what needs to be done because they want to do it."