Bullet Proof Manager Training Program Sessions

Leadership and Management Skills Training and Development Program - California

Each month we focus on two key management skills. Our yearly program is below. Click on name link to read more about each faculty member


Be the Coach They Need

Featuring Steve Farber

Are you motivating employees to do outstanding work?
  • Demonstrate a coaching mindset.
  • Prepare an individual coaching template to improve personal and team success.
  • Employ effective tools and techniques to conduct essential conversations with team members.

Deliver results the first time

Featuring Andy Bounds

How much is inefficient re-work costing you?
  • Focus on results by asking “future-based questions.”
  • Apply a four-step question technique to set proper direction.
  • Achieve better results through clear communication and delegation.


Take Charge of Talent Management

Featuring Kathleen Quinn Votaw

Are you winning the best candidates based on skill and attitude?
  • Recognize the importance of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and retention in a comprehensive talent management program.
  • Apply the big picture perspective of recruiting and hiring for a diverse workforce.
  • Expanding your team in a competitive market

Bridging the multigenerational gap in the workplace

Featuring Amy Lynch

How well do you lead across the four diverse generations?
  • Learn how to identify generational stereotypes and better engage the skills on your team.
  • Illustrate how multigenerational communication and skills can bridge the gaps and provide better connectivity.
  • Develop an effective approach to attract, retain, and lead a multigenerational team.


Mastering Negotiation

The Penta Negotiation Simulation Lab

Are you able to show value by preparing for negotiations in advance?
  • Five disciplines of negotiation
  • Characteristics of a good negotiator, and do you demonstrate them? Take a self-assessment.
  • Penta Negotiator Tool Kit - tips and tactics. Refine your skills through role play simulation.

Change How You Manage Change

Featuring L. Bonita Patterson

What does resistance to change cost you? Time, resources, employees?
  • Explain foundational aspects of change management and the critical role managers play in the change process.
  • Apply a practical framework for processing the many changes that impact you and your team.
  • Recognize resistance to change and the tools available to help address that resistance.


How to inspire innovation

Featuring Ron Crossland

How will your business survive the fickle market today and in the future?
  • Inspire innovation in your company, department or team. Discover ways to stimulate creative thinking.
  • Understand the three barriers to innovation.
  • Explore the Three Rules of Prototyping.

How to create consensus

Featuring Andy Bounds

Could the time you spend in pursuit of daily agreement be better spent elsewhere?
  • Learn to get more agreement from more people more often.
  • Understand the communicator’s first job in creating consensus.
  • Learn to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. Address “Yeah but” concerns.


The leader's mindset

Featuring Dr. Nido Qubein

Do you maintain leadership excellence during daily activities?
  • Learn to take the three steps to developing a leader’s mindset.
  • Identify the three sources of competence, and develop the three key habits of a leader.
  • Know how to position yourself as an extraordinary leader.

Develop effective - and devoted - employees

Featuring Simon Bailey

Do your employees remember why they love what they do?
  • Build people – your most valuable asset.
  • Improve hiring and onboarding processes.
  • Practice three key strategies for creating devoted employees. Use recognition as a powerful motivator.


How to improve workplace performance

Featuring Mark Sanborn

Do you want ordinary or extraordinary performers? Does your team demonstrate passion?
  • Discover the source of passion, and apply the PDA Principle.
  • Balance passion and process.
  • Apply the “Five P’s” of remarkable workplace performance.

Captivate Your Customer

Featuring Shep Hyken

Are you able to secure loyal internal and external customers in the face of fierce competition?
  • Create customer service Moments of Magic
  • Craft an inspiring customer service mantra
  • Explain the best strategies to captivate a customer.


Strategic Thinking for Future Success

Featuring Prof. Dr. Leif Erik Wollenweber

Is your future success in jeopardy because strategic planning doesn’t fit into your daily activities?
  • Understand what strategic thinking is and its value to leaders
  • Recognize strategic thinking as a daily process
  • Apply five strategic thinking skills and demonstrate five qualities for future based thinking.

Leadership influence through Emotional Intelligence

Featuring Colleen Stanley

Are you able to see beyond the visible barriers to performance?
  • Define skills that help individuals and teams respond with reason rather than react when triggered by others.
  • Apply emotional intelligence for higher performance.
  • Mobilize people around a compelling vision through influence rather than by exercising authority.


Ignite a Culture of Accountability

Featuring Steve Farber

Are you able to empower your employees and trust their decisions?
  • Identify how accountability contributes to organizational success.
  • Recognize the key elements required to create a culture of accountability
  • Explain the best ways to increase accountability in the workplace

10 ways to increase morale and motivation

Featuring Mark Sanborn

Do you need to spark the energy or avoid team burnout to meet your business objectives?
  • Understand the impact of workplace morale and how to influence it positively.
  • Identify the nature of motivation and a leader’s role in providing it.
  • Learn ten techniques to increase motivation and morale.


Techniques for managing personality styles

Featuring Dr. Kimberly Alyn

Can you align diverse personalities while delivering business success?
  • Examine Dr. Alyn’s 4 personality styles and their traits, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand your personality style and the personality styles of others.
  • Discover ways to adapt your personality style to work effectively with others.

How Leaders Shape Decisions

Featuring Kyle Craig

Are you able to evaluate the outcomes and make informed decisions?
  • Have greater insight into decision making as a learned process.
  • Apply efficient and effective decision making tools and models. Avoid traps and pitfalls.
  • Be better equipped to understand and influence the decision making processes of other individuals and groups.


Communicate with impact

Featuring Andy Bounds

Are your key messages memorable and making an impact?
  • Communicate with impact by determining and doing what people find interesting.
  • Communicate with impact by making messages more memorable
  • Understand the process of memory and individual Memory Bias.

Building your business is everyone's business

Featuring Thomas Frey

Are you able to understand and manage resources needed now and the future?
  • Introduce the Business Acumen Model and the four areas that are critical for an organization’s success.
  • Identify key business drivers and how they relate to your organization’s profitability.
  • Proactively anticipate, navigate and leverage future trends


Managing time for maximum results

Featuring Mark Sanborn

Are you focused on completing actions of the highest value or getting distracted?
  • Maintain focus on the time and expertise of yourself and others.
  • Improve your ability to avoid and manage distractions.
  • Apply the six principles of time management. Identify and concentrate your efforts on MVP activities.

Better performance through better teamwork

Featuring Jack Mackey

How engaged is your team?
  • Learn how to create passionate, engaged teams.
  • Delegate responsibilities the right way.
  • Get to know team members as people first, and become an effective role model.


Conflict resolution techniques

Featuring Dr. Kimberly Alyn

How much time and energy do you spend dealing with conflict-related issues?
  • Identify the three primary types of conflict.
  • Overcome the six barriers to conflict resolution.
  • Apply the Dialogue Method of conflict resolution.

Peak Performing Leaders

Featuring Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

Having trouble focusing and running low on energy?
  • Understand the Crestcom Performance Optimization Model.
  • Develop a plan to achieve self and team peak performance.
  • Apply a mindfulness process to be more focused and creative.