Bullet Proof Manager Training Program Sessions

Leadership and Management Skills Training and Development Program - Southern California

Each month we focus on two key management skills. Our yearly program is below. Click on name link to read more about each faculty member

January A

Raise the customer service crossbar

Featuring Jack Mackey

  • Build consistent customer loyalty
  • What customers aren't telling you
  • The origins of customer expectations

February A

Lead your team through change

Featuring Dr. Kimberly Alyn

  • Execution without resistance
  • Morale-building change
  • Seven ways to build better trust

March A

Mastering Negotiation

The Penta Negotiation Simulation Lab

  • Five disciplines of negotiation
  • Characteristics of a good negotiator
  • Penta Negotiator Tool Kit - tips and tactics

April A

How to inspire innovation

Featuring Ron Crossland

  • Break creative barriers
  • Solve the innovation equation
  • Innovation's big secret

May A

The leader's mindset

Featuring Dr. Nido Qubein

  • The To-Do list of extraordinary leadership
  • Shift focus from obstacles to results
  • Leadership positioning

June A

How to improve workplace performance

Featuring Mark Sanborn

  • Orchestrate encore performance
  • Personal Development Agenda (PDA)
  • Find passionate performers

July A

Strategic Thinking for Future Success

Featuring Prof. Dr. Leif Erik Wollenweber

  • Understand what strategic thinking is and its value to leaders
  • Recognize strategic thinking as a daily process
  • Apply five strategic thinking skills

August A

Strategies for dealing with dissatisfied customers

Featuring Jack Mackey

  • Diffuse customer anger
  • Deal with predictable problems
  • Impossible complaints

September A

Techniques for managing personality styles

Featuring Dr. Kimberly Alyn

  • Personality appraisals
  • Manage strengths and weaknesses
  • The ideal personality style of leadership

October A

Communicate with impact

Featuring Andy Bounds

  • Be remembered for the right reasons
  • Communications assessment
  • Sharpen communications focus

November A

Managing time for maximum results

Featuring Mark Sanborn

  • Focus on the right things
  • Put more life in your time
  • The MVP Playbook

December A

Conflict resolution techniques

Featuring Dr. Kimberly Alyn

  • Identify the three types of conflict
  • Resolve differences non-absolutley
  • Conflict barrier breakers

January B

Deliver results the first time

Featuring Andy Bounds

  • Break information bottlenecks
  • Ask future-based questions
  • Follow the gold to better results

February B

Bridging the multigenerational gap in the workplace

Featuring Amy Lynch

  • Generational stereotypes and engaging the skills on your team
  • Multigenerational communication for better connectivity
  • Attract, retain, and lead a multigenerational team

March B

Create a blueprint for team success

Featuring Mark Sanborn

  • Align expectations
  • Five components of holographic teams
  • Set team benchmarks

April B

How to create consensus

Featuring Andy Bounds

  • Turn opposition upside down
  • Put more power in the positives
  • The most dangerous objection

May B

Develop effective - and devoted - employees

Featuring Simon Bailey

  • Employee devotion strategies
  • Infuse the brand story
  • Validation failure

June B

Change How You Manage Change

Featuring L. Bonita Patterson

  • Foundational aspects of change management
  • Practical framework for processing change
  • Tools to address resistance to change

July B

Leadership influence through Emotional Intelligence

Featuring Colleen Stanley

  • Respond with reason rather than react when triggered
  • Apply emotional intelligence for higher performance
  • Mobilize people around a compelling vision through influence

August B

10 ways to increase morale and motivation

Featuring Mark Sanborn

  • Diagnostic tool for performance failure
  • The motivation challenge of leadership
  • Help people choose to be motivated

September B

How Leaders Shape Decisions

Featuring Kyle Craig

  • Decision making as a learned process
  • Apply efficient and effective decision making tools and models
  • Understand and influence the decision making process of others

October B

Building your business is everyone's business

Featuring Thomas Frey

  • Four key areas of Business Acumen
  • Identify key business drivers for your organization
  • Proactively anticipate, navigate and leverage future trends

November B

Better performance through better teamwork

Featuring Jack Mackey

  • Communicate great expectations
  • Passionate engagement
  • The Teamwork Maxim

December B

Peak Performing Leaders

Featuring Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

  • The Crestcom Performance Optimization Mode
  • Develop a plan to achieve self and team peak performance
  • Apply a mindfulness process to be more focused and creative