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Leadership Development

Our interactive learning experiences help people produce real business results.

One of the key questions with leadership and management development programs is: will it deliver the results we want after the program has been completed?

With Crestcom's Bullet Proof Manager, the answer is YES.

Our interactive leadership skills development program ensures that your managers will implement and embed what they learn during their Crestcom experience. Your leaders and managers leave with tools, approaches, and techniques that they can apply daily that will make them more successful and efficient throughout their careers.

Bullet Proof® Manager

Your managers explore two topics in depth every month over the course of 12 months.
See all 24 module topics in our leadership training program.

Our in-depth management and leadership skills development workshops are where your managers connect and grow. As they collaborate with their management peers from other organizations and industries, they will expand their knowledge of proven management techniques and strategies that they can apply straight away.

10 Core Competencies

  • Drives for Results
  • Builds the Right Team
  • Influences Others
  • Understands the Business
  • Executes Vision
  • Encourages Excellence
  • Develops Positive Relationships
  • Develops Customer Focus
  • Fosters Innovation
  • Models Personal Growth

Achieving growth together

The Crestcom Growth Model

  • Crestcom live facilitated workshops
  • Growth in core leadership competencies
  • Increased capabilities as a manager and leader
  • Participants share learning with their teams and peers
  • Implemented monthly action plans with measurable results
  • Supervisor insight into learning progress
  • Executive Involvement
  • Monthly accountability meetings at participants' offices
  • Action plan tracking and measured results

Interactive Leadership Development

Over the course of 12 months, your managers will gain a deeper understanding of leadership skills and organizational best practices. The structure of the program allows participants enough time to practice the skills they have learned and internalize new information before returning to learn new ones. Our experts will help your managers overcome challenges and implement solutions.

Results-Oriented Curriculum

Our leadership development program takes place over time, to promote lasting changes that don't result from a one-day crash course or three day seminar. Your participants learn about two essential business skills each month for 12 months, which they can apply immediately upon returning to the office. Our workshops take a blended learning approach, with insight and inspiration provided by media content featuring our world-class faculty of thought leaders and business authors that set the stage for deeper exploration of each topic.

Our on-site experts guide the group through live, interactive exercises, case studies and facilitated discussion designed to help participants internalize the training and conceptualize how to apply it to their own business goals.

Your managers will leave each session with a results-oriented, best-idea action plan to implement back at work, and they will receive valuable feedback and support at follow-up SMART meetings at their own offices seven to ten days after each monthly workshop.

Network Development

During the program, your managers have the opportunity to connect with other local managers and leaders attending the workshops. As new participants join each month, the ability to develop their network expands.